About us

Brilliance is about successfully doing the right thing

Successfully doing the right thing for customers

We believe business can succeed by doing the right thing.
And in particular, doing the right thing for customers.
This is because proactively looking after customers’ best interests is the core ethic of customer centricity.  It strongly reinforces customer trust which is a bedrock of positive and profitable customer retention.

We are a management solutions company

Brilliance is a management solutions company, passionate about three things: good outcomes for customers, about practical design, and about our clients’ success.

Our solutions – management tools and consulting services – work together to help companies be brilliant for their customers.

Management Tools

Complaint Management
Culture Alignment
TCF Conduct Improvement
Measurement Collation
Customer Trust Builder
Compliance Evidence
Quality Management
Custom development

Consulting Services

Customer Centricity
Positive Customer Retention
Customer Experience Design
Complaint Management
TCF Market Conduct Culture
Customer Communication
Values-Culture Alignment
Customer Trust

Our seven core values

What we stand for

  • We believe in the intrinsic value of looking after customers’ best interests – always.
  • Great customer outcomes and great business outcomes are not mutually exclusive.  Strive for the former; the latter will come.
  • The foundations to business success include strong core values and meaningful purpose for good.
  • In our view, true brilliance is about both ethical excellence and consistent stellar performance.
  • In closing, we believe that the best way to generate profits is to create value for society while being sure not to destroy any value in the process.

We help companies successfully
look after their customers’ best interests.

Who we are

Samantha Hillion-Burns MD and Founder of Brilliance

Studies: My passion for the customer started with my degree in psychology and communications, applied as customer psychology and customer communication.  This was amplified by my MBA (cum laude) mastering Customer Loyalty from the University of Surrey, UK.

Experience:  For over 14 years I had the privilege of working directly for Adrian Gore, CEO Discovery.  His obsession to amaze the customer while holding true to the company’s core values and purpose, honed my passion for good and great customer outcomes.  For Discovery I initiated and ran: Corporate Relations, Customer Retention, Service Strategy, The Service Institute, Employee Engagement, Treating Customers Fairly and Ethics.

Brilliance: I started Brilliance in 2009 with the vision to help companies do the right thing and be brilliant for their customers.  With more than 25 years’ experience in this field, I make it easier for my clients to look after the best interests of their customers.  For this purpose, I have great joy designing and implementing management tools (software) and consulting solutions that support their success.

And our small team

Our amazing software developers keep enhancing and supporting our management tools (web apps) with exceptional attention to detail and robust technologies.

With decades of systems design, coding, testing and continual development of their IT skills, they know their stuff and quietly work behind the scenes.  We honour them as they make our designs come to life and do awesome things for our clients. 

With his Ph.D. in industrial psychology and decades of experience in financial markets, Dr Warren Burns gives a portion of his time to Brilliance as the need arises.  His doctorate in Psychology greatly benefits our work in customer psychology.

Warren is an exceptional out-the-box thinker, with vast knowledge across multiple disciplines. At CEO-advisor level, he provides innovative, deal-making ideas plus risk management advice.

From time to time, certain projects need expertise that we bring in through our international network of experts.  For example:

·       Globally recognised Customer Experience Guru, Joseph Michelli

·       International entrepreneur and self-leadership coach, Peter Sage

·       Well-renowned Doctor of Risk, Dr Roger Miles of Cambridge and Harvard standing, helping organisations overcome design weaknesses in risk control and governance.


These and other Friends of Brilliance bring tremendous value as and when our clients’ projects need their extraordinary expertise and wisdom.

The right solution for you

Now you’ve seen a bit about us.
You’ve checked if our values resonate with yours
and our expertise suits your needs.
Now let’s hear a bit about you.

The appropriate solution depends on what needs to be achieved.
For some companies it is managing their conduct risk and that of their third parties.  For others it is about aligning their culture to be more customer-centric and increase customer trust and retention.  Then there are also clients who are seeking superior quality or complaints management.
For you, it might be something else.
We here to listen and provide the right solution for you.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.
It’s about how we can support your success.

Let’s connect.

Passionate about your success with customers