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As a client success problem-solver, solutions-provider and coach, we get paid when we give our clients answers to their questions – answers that positively impact their success.

But here’s your chance to tell us what your client success challenges are and ask us anything you want without paying a cent. If we feel it can benefit others, we may choose to publish our answer below along with your question. We won’t show your name of course, unless you choose to give it to us.

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  • Tell us about your customer experience challenges – ones you have overcome, or those you are still trying to overcome. Ask us any questions about customer related issues you want to solve.

Expertise on retainer

Perhaps it is not financially feasible for you to employ a full-time customer experience expert? Or your current resources are stretched too thin and risk dropping the ball?


Why not ask Samantha Hillion-Burns to be on retainer for you? We’re just a phone call or email away – ready to attend to any need to support your firm’s customer experience success.