Be brilliant for your customers

To support your brilliance, we provide…

online solutionsguidance and reviewstraining and coaching

Increasing your success with customers

Brilliance enables companies to increase their success with customers.

You too can benefit from our

expert guidance,

customer-centred coaching

and unique online tools.

Improve your

customer retention,

complaint management,

customer communication

or service excellence.

We’d love to work with you to be more brilliant for your customers.

Our message is simple: Let’s do what’s right and do it well.

“When your company does what’s right for customers and does it well,

you’re doing what’s best for your customers.

This is being brilliant for your customers.

This is central to meaningful success.”

Samantha Hillion-Burns

We make companies more successful

at doing what’s best for their customers

We make companies more successful

at doing what’s best for their customers

What we provide

Our online solutions, tools, advice and recommendations help our clients keep more customers.


Avoid the pain and cost of mistakes by receiving expert tailored guidance, design and business practice reviews.


Achieve superior business outcomes through easy-to-use customer experience web application tools.


Deliver excellent customer experiences inspired by insightful coaching and practical training.

Serving customer focused industries

Financial services
Specially tailored tools and training for:
+ TCF implementation
+ COFI management
+ Conduct culture risk
+ CX management
Hospitality and Travel
For 5-star bush-lodges, luxury hotels and airlines:
+ Guest experience design
+ Guest service training
+ Service management
+ Standards monitoring tools
We provide specialised focus on complaint handling and customer communication to help you build greater customer loyalty and trust.
Network Distributors
For franchises and networked distributors we provide tools to effectively monitor quality and service standards across your multiple outlets.

Our job is to increase your success with your customers

What our clients say about us

Brilliance loves its clients

We are honoured to serve business leaders who are passionate about their customers. We exist for our clients’ success.

Tools for your customer success

Easy to use.  Highly effective.  Timesaving.  Cost-efficient annual subscriptions.

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    Conduct Improvement Tool

    Conduct Improvement Tool


    To track and manage business conduct improvements across multiple divisions, regions, franchises or third parties.



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    Complaints Reporting Tool

    Complaints Reporting Tool


    To monitor and analyse complaint progress, as well as types and volumes of complaints, root causes and customer outcomes.



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    Customer Measurement Tool

    Customer Measurement Tool


    To consolidate any number of metrics into a single dashboard for effective customer experience management information.



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    Customer Trust Builder Tool

    Customer Trust Builder


    Assess, manage and report on the extent to which business strategies, processes and structures are in place engender customer trust.



Why choose us?

Here are four good reasons

Decades of experience plus latest research in client success qualify us to help you.  We know our field: customer retention, service design, customer experience, client trust, loyalty, communications, complaints management, TCF and conduct management.

Our work with past and existing clients demonstrates our ability to co-create sustainable value and do all in our power to achieve the results that our clients want to achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are fully committed to your success.

Partnering with our clients is key to successful outcomes.  We are here for you, we have your back. We understand the pressures, multiple priorities, targets and politics.  We have been on your side of the table so you can count on us to understand your situation.

We think about our clients’ needs all the time – about the things you might miss or not have the time to focus on. We obsess over that which is important to you.  We do what it takes to understand your business in order to provide thorough and integrative solutions.

How to achieve customer success?

Continuously discover your customers’ desired outcomes.

Create value by proactively looking out for their best interests.

Obsessively strive for product and service excellence in ways that matter to your customers.

Budget with discretion knowing that poor customer outcomes are never good for business.

If you want to be more brilliant for your customers

it would be our honour to work with you.

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