Manage customer complaints more effectively

Increase company profits
Improve customer loyalty
Protect reputation and future sales
Use the Brilliance Complaint Hero

Effective complaint management significantly increases company profits

Based on separate studies by two top business schools, companies with effective complaint management are 12 times more likely to increase profits by 50% to 90%.

Harvard Business School and Henley Business School

Poor complaint management drives customers away

79% want to discontinue business with a company when the complaint management process leaves them feeling the company does not care for them or value them.

Henley Business School

Unhappy customers damage company reputation and hinder future sales

96% of unhappy customers complain to others about a brand rather than directly to the company responsible.  They tell between 9 and 15 other people.

Sloan Management Review

Given the three facts above, you need a brilliant complaint management system.

Meet the Brilliance
Complaint Hero

To keep more customers, increase customer loyalty, protect your reputation, plus increase company profits, you need a tailor-made complaint management system.

Yes, you need more than a system and we can help you with that.  First let’s get the right system in place – one that suits your type of business and budget.

About the Brilliance Complaint Hero

The customer, company and its employees benefit greatly from a well-tailored, easy-to-use complaints management system.  It makes good business sense, therefore, to wisely choose a system that supports excellent complaint handling, reporting and root cause analysis.

Intelligently tracks complaints and gives reminders

Ensure customer satisfaction by timeously and professionally handling complaints.  This complaint management system keeps track of how well complaints are resolved, and sends reminders to the right people at the right time.  Reports show how quickly complaints are resolved and how many are outstanding at any time.

Appropriately assigns and escalates complaints

Competently resolve complaints with the right people taking responsibility to ensure a customer-centric, speedy resolution.  Complaint Hero enables accurate record-keeping and classification of each complaint.  Easily monitor complaint progress and analyse types and volumes of complaints, mapped against targeted customer outcomes.

Easily sorts complaint types and root causes

Making it easy both for agents and managers, Complaint Hero keeps accurate records and smart classifications of each complaint.  It also enables the analysis of types, volumes, and root causes of complaints.

Provides valuable insights

Because the system provides insight into what processes, services, or products need to improve, it is clear what issues need attention to drive customer loyalty.  Increase competitiveness and avoid repeat complaints as the system tracks which division is responsible for resolving the root of the complaint.

Uniquely caters for multi-company complaint management

Some clients receive complaints about products that they source from various suppliers.  Uniquely, the Complaint Hero is able to automatically feed specified complaints data to each relevant supplier.  This saves time and ensures accuracy.
Other clients rely on independent distributors or administrators to handle complaints on their behalf.  Here too, Complaint Hero uniquely enables our clients to give them private access, even though they are outside their firewalls.

Makes Ombud and FSCA reports so much easier

Complaint Hero makes life easier, especially for financial services providers.  The system caters for superior tracking of Ombud complaints to save clients the cost of fines.  Plus, it takes away the headaches associated with the Conduct of Business Returns.  The Complaint Hero produces all the necessary CBR and Omni-CBR complaint information in Excel format.

What this complaint management system can do for you

Enable superior customer experience

When customers complain, it is the ideal opportunity to make a powerful positive impression.  Because our system effectively tracks and monitors complaints, it enables timely responses and appropriate investigation. Thus more complaints are resolved and customers feel their concerns are taken seriously.

Save time and money

When complaints are systematically handled and stored in one place where agents can collaborate to resolve complaints, it saves time for both the company and the customer.  Plus, because our system can monitor complaint status and send relevant reminders to meet deadlines, it saves money and avoids regulatory fines.

Give valuable, practical insights

Brilliance Complaint Hero reports provide everything you need to slice and dice complaint data in over 20 perspectives.  For example, understand which types of customers complain about what type of issues and where the most common root causes lie, within which responsible areas.

Improve employee performance

Handling frustrated, angry, complaining customers all day is draining for even the most vibrantly, enthusiastic employee.  One of the most basic ways to support employees is to give them a system to use that is a pleasure for them to use like the Brilliance Complaint Hero: Easy.  Simple.  Flexible.  Respectful.

Why choose the Brilliance Complaint Hero?

  • Users love it
    Users spontaneously tell us they love using our system
  • Expertly designed
    By customer loyalty and complaint management expert
  • Customer-centric
    Designed to look after customers' best interests
  • Profitable for clients
    Helps our clients get the most out of customer complaints
  • Regulation aligned
    Meets regulatory requirements and is Omni-CBR ready
  • Ideal for third parties
    Perfect for distributors or brokers to capture complaints

More reasons clients choose Brilliance

Training provided at no extra cost

This complaint management system is so easy to use, training is hardly necessary.  Nonetheless, to be sure new users enjoy and get the most out of the Brilliance Complaint Manager, we provide a live online training session for free.

Fully configured for you before you start

Many competitors leave you to do the hard work of configuring the system to suit your company structure, products, processes and preferences before you can even start.   In contrast, we do it all for you without additional fees.  You just sit back and enjoy using it from day one.  

Flexible and scalable to suit your wishes

If you want certain fields to be mandatory or optional, just say so.  We’ll set it up for you.  If you want to give the system your own name to suit your culture, no problem. We’ll change it for you.  If you want to add new divisions or companies or products, we’re delighted to do that for you.

Amazingly customisable as you grow

We can change the system to include features and functionalities that you uniquely specify.  This isn’t about buying the next level standard package.  It’s about custom development exactly as you need it.  Plus it’s priced for only the things you need, not bundled with other unnecessary stuff.

Brilliance Complaint Hero System Features

    • Easy and intuitive to use – even for first time users
    • Valuable insights – reports on everything
    • Keeps focus – dashboard of current complaints
    • Reminders – as per client requirements
    • Turnaround times – unobtrusively monitored
    • Logical classification – reasons for complaints 
    • Auto-maps to CX outcomes – saves time and costs
    • Collaboration ready – even with users outside your firewall 
    • Ombuds or Regulator complaints – advanced features
    • Root cause classifications – customised
    • Auto complaint ownership
    • Easily assign complaints 
    • Smart escalation process 
    • Area responsible tracked
    • Complaint status monitored
    • Validations to improve accuracy
    • Complaint costs tracked
    • Customer compensation tracked
    • Complaint channels tracked
    • Justified and unjustified complaints tracked
    • Include compliments
    • Include queries
    • Advanced status tracking
    • Additional product details for regulatory reports
    • API (for system-to-system data transfer)
    • Brand new customised features when required

And simply the best service you can find

Ratings according to clients

You have made my life 100% better with this system. It has significantly helped us with Complaints, Compliments, CBR reports and more.  This is an amazing system! Users are loving it!!!  And so do I.
Head of Customer Care at Momentum

Clients choosing Complaint Hero

Large organisations that require their third parties to capture complaints
Medium sized companies that don’t need expensive, sophisticated systems
Small firms that realise Excel is inadequate for complaint management
Ideal for insurers, UMAs, intermediaries and cell captives

Typical users

Complaint Handlers
Service consultants
Complaint Managers
CX Managers
Binder holders and UMAs
Market Conduct Heads

Clients choosing Brilliance

Large organisations that require their third parties to capture complaints
Medium sized companies that don’t need expensive, sophisticated systems
Small firms that realise Excel is inadequate for complaint management
Ideal for insurers, UMAs, intermediaries and cell captives

Typical users

Complaint Handlers
Service consultants
Complaint Managers
CX Managers
Binder holders and UMAs
Market Conduct Heads

“Your most unhappy customers
are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates

Start with complaints management to improve customer experience

Effective complaints management is the first place to start if you want to improve your customers’ experience.  First invest in “properly” listening to and acting on the feedback that customers willingly provide through their queries and complaints.

Thereafter, if there is further budget available, then conduct surveys to gather customer feedback and dig deeper into understanding customer needs.

Complaints management system for customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty

Complaint Hero keeps track of how well complaints are resolved.  More importantly, it provides insight into what processes, services or products need to improve in order to increase customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

Expert services in complaint management – 100% return on investment

Without minimising the importance of a well-tailored complaints management system, effective complaints management is of course far more than a system.   Having a reliable system to help you track, monitor and analyse complaints is just one piece of the puzzle.  Brilliance offers expert services to help you with all the pieces.

Given the power of effective complaints management in driving customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty, clients’ get more than 100% return on investment when engaging Brilliance in our expert complaints management services.