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Brilliance complaint management systems and services

It is profitable to manage customer complaints well.

More importantly, it is the right thing to do.

Effective complaint management is key to customer retention, ongoing product and service improvement, and ultimately business success.
We can help you achieve this.
Choose the complaint management systems and services that you need.

  • Process Design
  • Quality Review
  • Coaching
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Winning approach to Complaint Management

About our Complaint Management Systems and Services

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Complaint Management System
Tracks complaint resolution

The Brilliance Complaint Management system keeps track of how well complaints are resolved.  It provides reports revealing the speed and efficiency with which complaints are handled. 

Enables complaint type and root cause classification

This management tool enables accurate record-keeping and classification of each complaint. It monitors complaint progress and enables the analysis of types and volumes of complaints, as well as the root causes and customer outcomes.

Provides valuable insights

Moreover, it provides insight into what processes, services or products need to improve to drive customer loyalty and remain competitive. 

Super-easy great value

As a value add, all the configuration work is done for you when you subscribe to the Brilliance Complaint Management System.  It is configured to suit your business before you start using it and 100% support is provided.  Thus, it’s extremely cost-effective and easy to use.

Root Rectify Tool
Tracks root causes identified

The Brilliance Root Rectify Tool enables managers to keep a central record of all root causes to complaints (or potential complaints) that are identified.  Each Root Issue is assigned to the person who takes responsibility for rectifying the matter.  The system tracks that the issue is rectified by the deadlines users specify. 

Clusters Root Causes

Root causes are classified into groups or clusters of issues as relevant to the organisation.  Examples of clusters include issues pertaining to: Process Design; People Performance; Recruitment; System Performance; System Errors; Supplier Issues; Service Provider; Product Provider; etc

Monitors root rectification progress

Reports show what percentage progress has been made on the rectification of all current root cause issues.  The tool also provides reports by division responsible for rectification, or by cluster, or by age of issue.  Also, executives enjoy reports providing a single percentage score for the whole company on root rectification progress, which is a key measure of business improvement.

Super-easy great value

When you subscribe to the Brilliance Root Rectify Tool, we configure it for you to suit your business divisions and chosen clustering before you start using it.  It is really easy to use, over and above which we provide full user support.  

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Quality Management Tool
Links selected items for review per employee

The Brilliance Quality Management Tool is designed to enable managers to link a sample of items (such as call recordings or emails or process docs) that need to be assessed against your specified quality and compliance standards.  Sample items are linked to individuals such as Contact Centre agents or Sales Team Leaders as relevant.

Caters for double level reviews if desired

This tool uniquely caters for a double-level review per item.  This means a staff member can review his or her own work before the manager or QA officer does so. Or a manager can review a process in his division before the Compliance or Risk Officer does so.  Alternatively, the system can also facilitate a single-level review per item.

Supports and encourages employee self-improvement

Moreover, multiple types of reports on quality are made available not just for management but for individuals who strive to improve their own performance against quality standards.  Effectively, it encourages individuals to take ownership for their own performance quality and increases awareness of the standards you expect.   If you believe in continuous improvement, this is the tool for you.

Super-easy great value

When you subscribe to the Brilliance Quality Management Tool, we will set it up and pre-configure it for you to suit your business.  Thus it will show your divisions, employees and importantly your quality standards along with associated weightings.   While this tool is still under development, it will be very easy to use, and will enjoy the same user support that we give for all our management tools.  

Designing best processes
We design or redesign complaints management processes to be efficient and create excellent customer experiences
These processes include details regarding:

    • Quality complaint handling and customer communications
    • Escalations and disputes
    • Fair compensation
    • Root cause analysis and rectification
    • Regulatory and management reporting

Independent quality reviews
To brilliantly manage complaints, quality management is crucial.  Even companies with their own Quality Assurance (QA) teams need independent reviews.  Brilliance provides quality reviews for clients who: (1) don’t have sufficient capacity within the QA team; or (2) want independent reviews to supplement their QA team; or (3) don’t have a QA team.  We also help clients looking for input regarding what quality standards to put in place or who want help setting up a QA team.
Examples of the quality reviews Brilliance does:

    • Quality review of standard complaint related communications
    • Review of quality of a sample of written or telephonic communications
    • Assessment of the quality of complaint handling
    • Complaint training quality review
    • Quality review of Agent recruitment and performance management
    • Review of existing quality standards and policies

Complaints management coaching and training
For leaders: How do you keep your team strong in terms of the above issues?  How much discretion are you willing to give them in decision-making?  How do you raise your team’s performance?  How do you balance the focus on both your customers and your team members?  How do you analyse complaints trends and ensure appropriate corrective action?  Brilliance coaching and training will support your success in complaint management.
How inspired are the people who are receiving your customers’ complaints?  What techniques have they been given to help them handle the intensity of negative emotions?  How well equipped are they to use their tone and word-choice to build customer trust while dealing with a complaint?  How clearly do they understand your service quality standards?  Brilliance coaching and training will support your excellence in complaint handling.
Analysis of recorded calls
 Analysing recorded telephone conversations with customers is valuable for numerous reasons:

    • It identifies agents handling calls brilliantly and instances where they need to improve
    • It picks up on trends of key words being used by agents and/or customers
    • It provides insight into reasons for calls beyond that which is captured on the system
    • It reveals patterns of excellence or weakness in business processes

But many companies do not have the resources nor technology to analyse ALL their call recordings to effectively obtain reliable insights from call analysis.  Let Brilliance do that for you.  Some companies miss out on the rich value of call analysis because they only analyse a sample of calls each month.  It is far more valuable to have every call analysed.  Try it for 3 months and see the value.

We make our clients happy

“Global research indicates that 91% of customers who are unhappy with a company will just leave without complaining.”
“Let’s listen extra-carefully then to the 9% who do us the kindness to complain.”

Samantha Hillion-Burns

Custom-developed complaint management system

At Brilliance we love solving complaint management problems and helping our clients achieve the customer success they are looking for.  Sometimes this entails creating a new web application or proprietary system uniquely for them if they prefer that to our off-the-shelf systems.

We do the business analysis, design the solution and draft the functional specifications for client sign-off. Once approved, we develop the system and project manage the collaborative process of testing and deployment.

Superior customer communication

Complaints are often highly charged with negative emotions.  Communicating well in these situations marks the difference between success and failure when it comes to complaint handling.  Our experience and academic studies in communications, customer psychology and English language make us well suited to help our clients.  

We review your standard written customer communications and redraft them where necessary.  We assess your ad-hoc customer communication on email or social media and provide guidance on improvements for future.  Take advantage of a no-risk opportunity: Send us a typical example of your customer communication and we’ll give you some feedback at no charge.

Still using a spreadsheet to track complaints?

Spreadsheets are great for certain things but when it comes to tracking complaints, Brilliance systems are the way to go. Plus we have special solutions for those with a small budget and those who have third parties dealing with complaints on their behalf.

Our complaints systems are available on an easy subscription per user.

Enjoy the cost savings: no need to buy the software or maintain it; no need to buy a server or set up a systems infrastructure.  You just need internet access.

These systems already meet the needs of over 180 other companies – the chances are they can meet your needs too.

Effective complaints management key to business success

Effective complaints management and service recovery is key to customer retention, ongoing product and service improvement and ultimately business success.

Brilliance works with its clients to:

    • Gain deeper, more actionable insights from their complaints data
    • Suitably categorise and accurately report on complaints
    • Analyse and rectify root causes
    • Manage the full cycle from complaint handling accessibility to business improvement
    • Communicate more effectively both verbally and digitally
    • Improve the way complaints are handled
    • Reduce volumes of complaints over time
    • Increase customer compliments on how well complaints are handled
    • Increase the performance and satisfaction of complaint handling employees

Gain the advantage of well managed complaints.

With over 25 years’ experience in complaint management, it is with pleasure that we help our clients to manage complaints more profitably.  We have what you need to give you the advantage.