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Decades of executive experience in customer centricity and conduct risk management

At Brilliance we believe that delivering good customer outcomes must be placed ahead of great customer experiences.  With over 25 years’ experience in customer centricity and conduct risk management, let us help you do right by the customer while providing positively memorable, brand-differentiating customer experiences.

When companies become more customer-centric, customer gain, employees gain, shareholders gain – everyone gains.  When companies become better at doing what’s right, here too, everyone gains.
When companies become more customer-centric AND improve their conduct, society gains and the world becomes a better place. 

Brilliance serves to make the world a better place.

Examples of client needs for Brilliance consulting

Over the years our expertise in the customer field, specifically in customer centricity and conduct risk management, has opened many doors for us.  We’re grateful to have received many opportunities to serve clients in valuable as well as challenging customer initiatives and projects. 

In our consulting, we partner with clients in the most cost-effective way.  Because of our approach, clients come to Brilliance to help them solve customer-related problems and challenges.  Here are some examples client requests.

NPS and CSAT stats aren't giving us the full picture. We need a complementary, non-survey measurement of CX.
Brilliance has a unique approach to customer experience measurement that enables internal monitoring separate to research results. This is particularly relevant when survey response rates are poor and survey costs are escalating.
Research results tell us customer trust is slipping. We don't know how to turn this around.
Customer trust is fragile and often only appreciated when it is not there. Apart from causing reputational harm, distrusting customers drive up operational costs. We know how to increase customer trust. Let us work with you sooner rather than later.
We think we're managing our conduct risk well but we need a proper way to measure it.
Having extensive experience in managing, monitoring, and measuring conduct improvements, we help firms get a clear view of their conduct risk. Our work enables explicit monthly measurement for every business function's conduct risk.
Our customer retention stats aren't bad but we're losing money if we don't improve them.
With a track record of achieving 100% customer retention year on year, Brilliance has the expertise required to drive customer loyalty. We've successfully enabled companies to keep more of their customers, and more profitably.
I don't believe our customer complaints are being managed as efficiently and effectively as they could be.
We guarantee improvement in complaints management. We have extensive experience in all aspects of complaints handling, resolution, communication, processes, systems, root cause analysis, remediation, compensation, reporting, and more.
Despite our efforts, we still don't have the TCF principles properly embedded into our culture yet.
Transforming a culture is difficult - especially when principles aren't fully unpacked. We have successfully guided numerous clients, step-by-step, to embed the principles of Treating Customers Fairly into all aspects of their business.
Our quality scores are sky-high but customer ratings aren't. Something's missing. Please review our QA.
Without CX or customer psychology expertise, quality assurance managers often evaluate calls or emails with a faulty baseline. After reviewing your QA methodology and a sample of cases, we provide guidance and coaching for more accurate assessments.
Certain things that we can't control are repeatedly causing customer complaints. Help us solve this.
Absolutely, yes! We've done this for clients before. Making use of customer data and smart algorithms, we pre-empt these situations. We've seen outstanding results of our designing highly positive customer experiences out of negative situations.

Like many clients, perhaps you have similar challenges that you want help with.  Even though we take on a limited number of consulting projects at a time, let’s see what we can do for you.

“Samantha is so in touch with how it should be and so clearly blended {integrated} it.  TCF {Treating Customers Fairly} is such an intricate thing, so it’s like we got a double bonus!!  Samantha is so passionate about customers and takes our focus to yet another level of awesomeness!!

Head of L&D, Raylene

“We benefited from observing the way she interacted with stakeholders at all levels and kept us empowered, engaged and moving forward with our teams. Sam’s energy has no bounds.  I can only describe her work ethic, commitment to clients and personal excellence in everything she does, as Brilliant! .”

Executive, Amagyei.

“We have a complex Group structure, yet Sam quickly gained a strong understanding of our various businesses.  She was able to align our customer fairness and market conduct projects while meeting the needs of each business.  Brilliance critically enabled progress and success beyond what we were able to achieve alone.”

Special Projects Head, Susan.

Execution partner for customer and conduct projects

Executives and managers often need a partner to help them overcome a challenge related to successfully looking after customer needs, expectations and best interests.  At times such as this, it is worth reaching out to Samantha Hillion-Burns, Customer Solutions Director, MD and Founder of Brilliance. 

Take advantage of her having over 25 years of experience in the customer field, as well as a degree applied to Customer Psychology and Communications, plus her MBA (cum laude) in Customer Loyalty.  Tap into her strengths in design, structure, and values-driven purpose.  Draw on her knowledge and practical experience in customer-centricity and conduct risk. 

Samantha can be your “execution partner” for large or small projects that will contribute to making your company more successful with your customers.

Samantha Hillion-Burns
“Customer-centric success is the creation of value by doing what’s best for one’s customers.”

Samantha Hillion-Burns

Talking about customer centricity and conduct risk management

Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is the continual honing of one’s business conduct and offering based on careful (values-based, brand-aligned) consideration of the consequences for the customer.

More about customer centricity

Consequences fall into two categories:
(1) Experiences that succeed or fail to satisfy or delight the customer; and
(2) Outcomes that succeed or fail to look after the customer’s best interests. 

The former is about doing things for customer happiness. The latter is about doing the right thing for the customer.
True customer centricity succeeds in both yet recognises that they are not always achievable simultaneously.  

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At Brilliance we believe that delivering good customer outcomes must be placed ahead of great customer experiences.  In our experience, employees respond well to this ethic, which gets to the heart of what it takes to be a customer centric company.

With over 25 years’ experience in the field, let us help you do right by the customer while providing positively memorable, brand-differentiating customer experiences.

Conduct Risk

Conduct risk is the risk that customers experience unfair or detrimental outcomes due to some action or inaction by the company or its third parties, which in turn negatively impacts the market. 

More about conduct risk

While this phrase is commonly known in the financial services industry, and has deeper meaning within that industry, we at Brilliance believe it is relevant to other industries, too.  

It is relevant because customer experience, customer trust and ultimately customer loyalty is hindered due to a lack of conduct risk management.   To manage conduct risk one needs to evaluate – and correct or improve where necessary – the company’s behaviour.  This means reviewing the company’s strategies, plans, policies, processes, product design, service design, and operations.

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Better conduct risk management contributes to better profitability (because of it’s impact on customer trust and loyalty).  Therefore, for those in financial services effective conduct management is a double-whammy, as it meets regulated requirements at the same time.

With all our years of experience in this field, our clients benefit from our knowledge of where to start and what interventions will have the biggest positive impact.  

More about Brilliance Consulting

Like the best, you too may be striving to achieve greater results for and through your customers.

If so, let Brilliance design processes and solutions for you that drive customer retention and engender customer advocacy.

Where relevant, let’s talk about how we approach TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) and embedding these principles into company culture.

Experience our professionalism and heart to serve.