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In our consulting work, we often noticed leaders struggling with some common process management issues.
These pertained to monitoring and measuring customer-centric culture, conduct risk, customer complaints, and more.
So we developed unique management tools to make their lives easier and their time investment more effective.

Each tool is a practical and customised online system available on a Software-as-a-Service subscription basis.


Browse the selection below and see which management tool will have the greatest positive impact on your business at this point in time.

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CX Implementation Tool
Why this tool is important
Organisations need to monitor and manage the implementation and consistent management of Customer Experience practices.  This becomes more complex when it applies across multiple business functions, regions, third parties, or franchisees.  This system overcomes this complexity.
What this tool does for you
The Brilliance CX Implementation Tool effectively holds leaders across the organisation accountable for their part in the discipline of Customer Experience.
Based on a client’s chosen business practices grouped into CX Objectives or Themes, this tool enables the Chief Customer Officer (or similar role) to have sight of the status of CX business practices across the whole organisation.
Briefly how it works
Managers in each business area evaluate the extent to which desired business practices are in place and assign ownership and deadlines for each practice.  The system reminds relevant people and tracks their progress updates.  When the desired business practices are successfully achieved or established, users upload evidence which can be centrally reviewed or audited.
Reports showing status of each business function (or region, third party, or franchisee) and performance against of each CX Objective/Theme are available at any time for various levels of management.  Ultimately for the Board, there’s a report that can provide a single score that speaks to CX in practice for the whole organisation.
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Complaints Management Tool
Why this tool is important
Within the services industry, it is impossible to successfully retain customers without an effective complaints management system and associated people and processes.  A company that believes in looking after its customers will ensure customer complaints are taken seriously.
What this tool does for you
The Brilliance Complaint Management system is necessary to keep track of how well complaints are resolved.  More importantly, it is necessary to gain insight into what processes, services or products need to improve in order to treat customers fairly and remain competitive.  In addition to this, it provides reports that reveal the speed and efficiency with which complaints are handled.
Briefly how it works
This management tool enables you to effectively track and classify every complaint.  It monitors complaint progress and enables the analysis of types and volumes of complaints, as well as root causes and customer outcomes.

In fact, it even reminds users when to do what for each complaint.  Plus, it’s extremely easy to use and fully customised to suit your business environment.

Additionally, for Financial Services firms, it fully caters for Omni-CBRs to meet FSCA requirements.

Brilliance offers further tools and services for complaint management excellence.
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TCF Conduct Improvement Tool
Why this tool is important
Conduct risk is the threat of financial loss to a financial services firm due to the threat of harm to its customers.  These threats are caused by the organisation’s failure to avoid actions or inactions that lead to poor or unfair customer outcomes.

Therefore, leaders need a tool that gives them peace of mind that actions or inactions by their people will not cause customer harm.  Moreover, they need to know that their business partners (intermediaries, UMAs, cell owners) are also treating customers fairly.

What this tool does for you
The Brilliance TCF Conduct Improvement Tool helps leaders proactively uncover actions or inactions that could potentially lead to poor customer outcomes.  Not only this, but notably the tool supports the management of appropriate corrective steps, ongoing monitoring, and the storage of relevant evidence.  In addition, the tool provides an array of management and executive reports, including summary reports that provide a single statistic for the company’s state of Conduct management.
Briefly how it works
Based on what leaders evaluate high or low in their divisions, the tool enables the delegation of responsibilities to address gaps against specified deadlines.  Next, the system reminds the relevant people at appropriate time intervals to attend to these gaps.  Overall, this raises the awareness of persistent and consistent action to ensure good customer outcomes over and above dealing with specific shortfalls.
Particularly appealing is the fact that an organisation can also track what their intermediaries or other third parties are doing about conduct risk.  Third parties benefit in that they can pull their own reports to track their progress on addressing conduct that impacts the fair treatment of customers.
The Conduct of Financial Institutions (COFI) Bill requires businesses to ensure they have the right strategies and practices in place to consistently deliver fair outcomes for customers.  The Brilliance Conduct Improvement Tool gives business leaders the platform to achieve exactly this.
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Measurement Collation Tool
Why this tool is important
Executives and Board members want more concise, yet still meaningful, statistics.  They need a way to see a single score or Red-Amber-Green status of all the statistics relating to the same business issue. 
They also need to be able to drill down at a click of a button to see the statistics driving the single score or status when deeper interrogation is required.
Plus, to save costs and time taken preparing reports, it helps to have a system that automatically gathers and collates the results of all relevant metrics for you.
What this tool does for you
It wastes senior executives’ time to wade through multiple pages of statistics and graphs of all company metrics.  Instead, the MCT provides a simple Red, Amber, or Green indicator as an overall status of issues (e.g. CX or TCF) and company-wide initiatives (e.g. Regulatory roll out or Digitisation Programme).
The MCT provides the overall status indicator based on the weighted average results of many other metrics relevant to that issue or initiative.  Given limited time, it is likely that executives will only want to drill down to see further information when an indicator is Amber or Red. 
Middle and Junior management, on the other hand, use the MCT to see and work on the statistics that drive the overall status.  The MCT focuses their attention on the metrics within their scope of influence and accountability.
Briefly how it works

The Brilliance Measurement Collation Tool is a unique solution:

First it gathers multiple measurement results from various designated sources.

Second, classifies them into Red-Amber-Green statuses.

And thirdly, collates them into groups (business themes or objectives) within a business issue or company-wide initiative being reported on.

Moreover, the MCT can also gather metric results from third parties, such as brokers, service providers, outsource partners, independent administrators etc.  This is particularly valuable saving time and manpower on essential reports.
A company can have as many MCT instances as they want.  For example, they may have one for each of the following business needs:

– Balanced Scorecard results
– CX Score
– TCF or Market Conduct Score
– Risk Measurements
– Temporary measurements for Merger
– Regulatory compliance

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Customer Trust Builder
Why this tool is important
Customer trust is crucial to every service business, especially banks and insurance companies.  It is one of the most important factors for business success.  Despite this fact, customer trust is often left to happen “by default”.
Recent research shows that customers are trusting companies less than they used to. This adds to the cost of business.  Furthermore, more customers simply stop buying from brands that break their trust.  This annihilates returns on sunk costs.
The problem is that over 85% of executives think that their customers trust their organisation, yet less than a third of customers actually do. An even bigger problem is many leaders simply don’t know how to gain and retain customer trust.
What this tool does for you
Building customer trust requires a systematic focus on business practices that lead to specific trust-impacting customer outcomes.  The Brilliance Customer Trust Builder guides you on what outcomes to pursue and what specific deliverables to get in place, which will positively improve your customers’ level of trust in your company.  We fully customise the system for you so that you only focus on trust-building business practices and themes that are relevant to your business.
Briefly how this tool works
This hugely valuable tool provides a comprehensive list of business practices that each contribute towards actively building customer trust or eliminating factors that are likely to lead to customer distrust.
The Brilliance Customer Trust Builder enables you to identify, track and monitor customer trust improvements across multiple business functions, regions or divisions.  Plus, it timeously reminds the relevant people to meet specific trust-building deliverables according to your chosen deadlines.
Reports quickly reveal the status and trends of that which each division contributes towards building customer trust, even those that never “touch” the customer. Pockets of excellence become clear, making it easier to identify positive examples for others to follow.
Interestingly, the more a company seriously works on building customer trust, the greater the positive impact on internal trust between leaders and employees and between “silo’s”.  The win-win is exponential.
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Compliance Evidence Tool
Why this tool is important
Compliance is necessary to reduce risks by checking that the business is acting in accordance with relevant regulations.  Failure to do so can result in significant fines, debarments, or at worst, imprisonment.
While there are many challenges in compliance, we find two common ones:
(a) People in the first line of defence do not have the necessary awareness or timely reminders of relevant compliance issues, nor the tools to track their own compliant performance.

(b) This unnecessarily adds to the load on Compliance Officers who need to collect evidence, which is a particularly difficult aspect of compliance management.

Business needs a cost-effective tool that addresses both of these challenges.
What this tool does for you
The Brilliance Compliance Evidence Tool makes the first line of defence aware of their compliance responsibilities and supports their fulfilment.  In addition, it gives Compliance Officers a systematic repository of evidence of compliant behaviour, as provided by the first line. Accordingly, this makes it easier for the compliance team to check evidence and rate compliance per requirement, per division, across the organisation.
Briefly how it works
Step 1: Simply specify the behaviours and business practices that you want to ensure are in place in each business function in accordance with relevant regulations.
Step 2: The Brilliance Compliance Evidence Tool will then make them available to your chosen first line of defence people to review and self-assess. Consequently, the system takes appropriate action based on their inputs.  Managers can pull reports to see the level of compliance in their teams or divisions and track their own progress.
Step 3: Compliance Officers review the evidence and reap the benefits of having a single repository of all evidence of compliance to each issue by every relevant division.  Additionally, they can pull comparative reports to evaluate organisational compliance.
Executive reports provide a succinct compliance score for each Act or regulatory requirement for the whole company.
Another great feature of the Brilliance Compliance Evidence Tool is that it also enables companies to track certain compliance levels of third parties where necessary.
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Quality Management Tool
Why this tool is important
To positively retain customers, drive brand differentiation, and ensure fair customer outcomes, quality standards need to be set and adhered to.  The challenge is how to ensure they are consistently managed across the business.
What this tool does for you
The Brilliance Quality Management Tool saves you time, is extremely easy to use, and is designed to improve quality not just assess it.  It will give you reports on how employees or business functions rate themselves and how this differs from the Quality Manager’s review.  Moreover, multiple types of reports on quality are made available not just for management but for individuals who strive to improve their own performance against quality standards.  If you believe in continuous improvement, this is the tool for you.
Briefly how it works
It is so easy because we set it up for you so that the moment you start using it, it already contains your quality criteria along with weightings as you wish.  Team leaders or quality managers or compliance officers simply link the items that they wish to review.  For example, sales call recordings; service emails; product design documents; claims, or admin documents.
The Quality Management Tool uniquely caters for a double-level review per item.  Therefore, a staff member can review his or her own work before the manager or QA officer does so. Or a manager can review a process in his division before the Compliance or Risk Officer does so.  Alternatively, the system can also facilitate a single-level review per item.
Another great feature of the tool is that it provides clear guidance for each element of review to help ensure quality management consistency.

“The service provided by Brilliance is excellent. They provide speedy feedback and are completely professional in handling our requests for the development of additional features. We’re proud to be associated with Brilliance.”

Executive, Guardrisk

“I am a big fan of the Brilliance systems we are using for our Treating Customers Fairly initiative – the Culture Improvement and Complaints Management tool.”

Director, Legal Hero

“The Brilliance complaints management tool has enabled us to gain deeper, more actionable insights into our complaints data while managing the full cycle from complaint handling to business improvement”.

Market Conduct Head, Constantia

Management Tools to track, assess and monitor progress

How does a company know where they stand or whether they are improving in their customer-centric culture or conduct risk management without the right management tools to track, assess and monitor their progress?

Management tools are necessary

In today’s pressured business environment, managers need easy-to-use, highly effective management tools.  But they don’t have them for three common reasons:

One, because in-house IT departments are often back-logged with urgent priorities that keep jumping ahead of the queue.

Or two, because there is no budget or appetite to buy a new software system.

Or three, because managers don’t realise these great tools are available.

Good management tools save time and money

Meanwhile, company time and money is being wasted and business is being adversely affected because managers don’t have the correct tools that they need right now.

Brilliance Software-as-a-Service

Overcome all these hurdles with highly practical tools at a very attractive price.   

Instead of outlaying significant capital investment to purchase and maintain software, rather just subscribe without any IT complications and get immediate access to a Brilliance Management Tool.  We’ll customise it to suit you perfectly.

Try us and see the difference

All Brilliance Management tools are available on subscription

Enjoy the cost savings: you don’t need to buy the software or maintain it; you don’t need to buy a server or set up the systems infrastructure; you don’t have the data costs or security hassles. 

Super-easy. You’ll wish you did it sooner.

You’ll see we’re totally passionate about designing elegant and cost-effective solutions.

We must be doing something right when over 80% of our clients choose to have more than one of our management tools.

And to our sheer delight, we consistently achieve 100% client retention.

Data Security is Paramount

We have strict controls over Data Security and the Protection of Personal Information.  All the Brilliance Management Tools are on a Cloud server with a highly reputable, local and Europe-based service provider.

Clients’ data hosted on a physical server in a highly secure data centre with 24/7 biometric access control, 24-hour armed security, plus camera surveillance. 

SSL encrypts all data between our clients and the server, in addition to which anti-hacker software is continuously updated to manage auto access lock-outs.

Robust firewall protection together with very strong password controls and no staff turnover, provide added data security and protection. 

Top Class Technologies

All Brilliance Management Tools are built using the most advanced Microsoft technologies.  Our tools are fast, using up-to-date web standards on a sophisticated platform.

Our choice of Microsoft enables exceptional support, ongoing refinements as well as flexibility to write API’s to talk to the most common databases should our clients require it.

We make use of a the highly reliable SQL Server database within which we use the ASP.NET framework: Microsoft.NET and Microsoft C#.

Our uptime is world-class.  The only time we take our systems off-line for maintenance is after hours when no users are active.

While we love technology, what we love most is making it do what our clients need, all the time.  

Bespoke System Development

At Brilliance we love solving operational problems for our clients. Invariably, these impact their customers in some way, even when it is a system designed to solve a supplier management problem or an employee engagement challenge.

Whatever it is, if our existing management tools don’t meet your need, let’s see if we can create a unique solution for you.

Generally, bespoke systems or custom-development is expensive.  Sure, it costs more and is worth more.  However, we have found a way to keep the costs as low as possible for you without jeopardising quality.  The more users, the better.   

We do the business analysis, we design the solution and draft the functional specifications for your sign-off. Once approved, we develop it and project manage the complete process of development, iterations, testing and deployment.

We deliver on time and within budget.

“A good tool improves the way you work.
A great tool improves the way you think.”

Jeff Duntemann