Service Energy

Essential to every service business

What is Service Energy?

Service Energy is the liberation of an individual’s power to uniquely give of themselves to the benefit of another.

Exceptional training programme

Do you want your team or colleagues to be more positively vibrant at work?

When companies create more energized yet authentic connections with customers the likelihood of three things increase exponentially:

Greater customer trust and loyalty

More memorable customer experiences

More engaged and fulfilled employees

World-first and world-class

If you want the best program in the world to help people become more vibrantly alive in business, the Brilliance Service Energy™ training and coaching is for you.

This is a critical key to getting your customers to feel positively energized when dealing with you and your firm.  In a world where digitisation and self-service are expanding, an equal balance of real human-to-human connection is required.

Transformational content

Come in your tracksuit – ready to move, ready to discover untapped energy within yourself.

In this phenomenal two-day program you will:

    • Gain a scientific understanding of what energy is and how to generate it
    • Expand your thinking around the purpose and definition of service
    • Participate in practical exercises relevant to your career and company
    • Discover the three fundamental mechanisms to unlocking your energy
    • Understand the enemies of Service Energy™ and how to deal with them
    • Start applying a 10-point plan to raising your energy levels to deliver your brilliance in multiple aspects of business
People who want to regain their spark

This program is for delegates who appreciate that, no matter what their title or role, the work they do ultimately serves someone in some way.

Delegates in the following roles will benefit the most from this program:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Heads of Service Teams
    • Contact Centre leaders and agents
    • Complaints Management Heads
    • Customer Experience Managers
    • Leaders and employees in back-office support functions

We also run private programs exclusively for leaders and employees within a medium or large organisation.  Should you want to find out more about what we can do for your company and how we can modify the program to suit your schedule and context, please CONTACT US.

Worth more than what you pay

Service Energy™ has been skillfully designed, drawing on internationally recognised material and decades of executive experience.

The two-day program program includes:

    • Excellent course manual
    • Morning and afternoon refreshments
    • Delicious lunch
    • Free parking
    • Special gift
    • Plus excellent networking opportunities

R8999 plus VAT per person

For a limited period, we are running a special offer making the Brilliance Service Energy™ programme available at only …

R4999 plus VAT per person

To take advantage of this special offer as soon as possible, RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW.

Pick a date and venue that suits you

The Brilliance Service Energy™ program will run at various cities around the world including Johannesburg South Africa; Oxford England; and St Petersburg USA.

The next two-day program program will be in Johannesburg, South Africa:

The Capital Empire

177 Empire Place, Sandhurst, Sandton

6 & 7 May 2020

09h00 to 16h30

If you would like the program to be run at a venue near you, or exclusively for your company, we would love to hear from you.

“Apply the disciplines of this program and you are guaranteed to add more value to people’s lives – to your customers, your colleagues and your own.”

Snippets from the Service Energy™ program

Participants of this program benefit from immensely practical insights and tools based on customer psychology, quantum science, neuroscience and key principles for success.

Learn about your power to change: to your brain, your cells and your influence.
As Tesla said: All that exists can be explained in terms of energy, frequency and ....
Einstein's physics equations uphold the view that everything is energy
Our thoughts are energy - high energy or low energy.
We are 100% responsible for our own thoughts the ripple effect they cause.
Being trapped in survival mode depletes our energy to serve.
Real service is other-focused. It says: I have your best interests at heart.
Every human being can choose to raise their Service Energy when they know how.

“Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

“Apply the disciplines of this program and you are guaranteed to add more value to people’s lives – to your customers, your colleagues and your own.”

The Brilliance Story

Some people start companies with huge ambitions to make millions or to change the world or just to be one’s own boss.  I started Brilliance in March 2009 for none of those reasons.


Let me tell you the story.….