For better management of customer centricity and conduct risk

Brilliance systems enable better management

Customer-centric companies seek out systems for better management. Brilliance provides systems to effectively and efficiently monitor and measure key processes.  Our essential management tools enable superior process management and reporting of customer-centricity, customer complaints, and conduct risk.

Over 180 companies subscribe to our customised systems

Many companies want to be brilliant for their customers.  Over 180 of these companies use our systems, which we design, develop and host.   These practical and customised systems are available on a Software-as-a-Service subscription basis. 

Choose the best management tools for your company

It is likely that your firm strives for brilliance for customers.  It is also likely then that you need one ore more of the systems for better management below.

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Complaint Converter

Win back customer trust while this system tracks and monitors complaint types, volumes, and resolution speed.
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Root Cause Rectifier

Enhance customer experience by systematically driving positive rectification of root causes to complaints.
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Conduct Improver

Confidently meet conduct risk requirements using this system to track and evidence conduct improvements.
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Measurement Collator

Gain competitive advantage with better decision-making based on this system collating measurement results.
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Customer Trust Builder

Improve profitability through systematic guidance and monitoring of key customer trust building blocks.
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Compliance Evidencer

Save compliance costs through superior engagement of process owners to evidence their compliant behaviour.
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Culture Aligner

Benefit from greater performance and productivity as this system aligns culture based on company values.
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Quality Manager

Enjoy more sales and less complaints as this system engages all players in the superior management of quality.

“The service provided by Brilliance is excellent. They provide speedy feedback and are completely professional in handling our requests for the development of additional features. We’re proud to be associated with Brilliance.”

Executive, Guardrisk

“I am a big fan of the Brilliance systems we are using for our Treating Customers Fairly initiative – the Culture Improvement and Complaints Management tool.”

Director, Legal Hero

“The Brilliance complaints management tool has enabled us to gain deeper, more actionable insights into our complaints data while managing the full cycle from complaint handling to business improvement”.

Market Conduct Head, Constantia

“A good tool improves the way you work.
A great tool improves the way you think.”

Jeff Duntemann

Data Security is Paramount

We have strict controls over Data Security and the Protection of Personal Information.  All the Brilliance Management Tools are on a Cloud server with a highly reputable, local and Europe-based service provider.

Clients’ data hosted on a physical server in a highly secure data centre with 24/7 biometric access control, 24-hour armed security, plus camera surveillance. 

SSL encrypts all data between our clients and the server, in addition to which anti-hacker software is continuously updated to manage auto access lock-outs.

Robust firewall protection together with very strong password controls and no staff turnover, provide added data security and protection. 

Top Class Technologies

All Brilliance Management Tools are built using the most advanced Microsoft technologies.  Our tools are fast, using up-to-date web standards on a sophisticated platform.

Our choice of Microsoft enables exceptional support, ongoing refinements as well as flexibility to write API’s to talk to the most common databases should our clients require it.

We make use of a the highly reliable SQL Server database within which we use the ASP.NET framework: Microsoft.NET and Microsoft C#.

Our uptime is world-class.  The only time we take our systems off-line for maintenance is after hours when no users are active.

While we love technology, what we love most is making it do what our clients need, all the time.  

Bespoke System Development

At Brilliance we love solving operational problems for our clients. Invariably, these impact their customers in some way, even when it is a system designed to solve a supplier management problem or an employee engagement challenge.

Whatever it is, if our existing management tools don’t meet your need, let’s see if we can create a unique solution for you.

Generally, bespoke systems or custom-development is expensive.  Sure, it costs more and is worth more.  However, we have found a way to keep the costs as low as possible for you without jeopardising quality.  The more users, the better.   

We do the business analysis, we design the solution and draft the functional specifications for your sign-off. Once approved, we develop it and project manage the complete process of development, iterations, testing and deployment.

We deliver on time and within budget.

Try us and see the difference

All Brilliance Management tools are available on subscription

Enjoy the cost savings: you don’t need to buy the software or maintain it; you don’t need to buy a server or set up the systems infrastructure; you don’t have the data costs or security hassles. 

Super-easy. You’ll wish you did it sooner.

You’ll see we’re totally passionate about designing elegant and cost-effective solutions.

We must be doing something right when over 80% of our clients choose to have more than one of our management tools.

And to our sheer delight, we consistently achieve 100% client retention.

Management Tools to track, assess and monitor progress

How does a company know where they stand or whether they are improving in their customer-centric culture or conduct risk management without the right management tools to track, assess and monitor their progress?

Management tools are necessary

In today’s pressured business environment, managers need easy-to-use, highly effective management tools.  But they don’t have them for three common reasons:

One, because in-house IT departments are often back-logged with urgent priorities that keep jumping ahead of the queue.

Or two, because there is no budget or appetite to buy a new software system.

Or three, because managers don’t realise these great tools are available.

Good management tools save time and money

Meanwhile, company time and money is being wasted and business is being adversely affected because managers don’t have the correct tools that they need right now.

Brilliance Software-as-a-Service

Overcome all these hurdles with highly practical tools at a very attractive price.   

Instead of outlaying significant capital investment to purchase and maintain software, rather just subscribe without any IT complications and get immediate access to a Brilliance Management Tool.  We’ll customise it to suit you perfectly.