Customer-centric culture and conduct risk solutions

Be brilliant for your customers

Management tools and consulting for customer-centric culture and conduct risk

Over 180 companies use Brilliance because we help them build a customer-centric culture and manage their conduct risk.  We support and equip companies to do what’s right and good for their customers as the foundation for doing what’s distinctive and amazing. With our management tools and consulting you can achieve the following:

  • Embed good and fair conduct in company culture
  • Improve customer-centricity and customer experience
  • Optimise customer complaint management
  • Improve quality standards and monitoring
  • Measure customer outcomes including TCF
  • Monitor third party performance including intermediaries and UMAs
  • Track compliance with regulations e.g. TCF, COFI, PPRs, FAIS, POPIA

Solutions for values-driven customer centricity

It is obviously good for business to profitably keep more customers.  However, it is not so obvious how to do this – especially, how to do it in a way that looks after customers’ best interests. 

Brilliance management tools and consulting have helped, and continue to help, many companies become more values-driven and aware of their conduct to be truly customer-centric.  Good conduct leads to good customer outcomes and builds customer trust, which leads to more profitable customer retention.

Management Tools

To improve efficiencies and more effectively deliver good customer outcomes, companies use our Management Tools.

These are online web apps which we tailor for each client: Complaint Management; Customer Trust Building; Culture Alignment; TCF Market Conduct Improvement; Measurement Collation; Compliance Tracking; and Quality Management.

Management Consulting

Brilliance offers Consulting Services based on decades of executive operational experience in the insurance and financial services industry.

We solve problems, manage projects and provide various services relating to positive customer retention, customer experience, employee engagement, culture and TCF market conduct.

Complaint Management System and Services

With over 15 years’ experience leading customer complaint troubleshooting and management systems, we are experts in optimised complaint management and service recovery.

Speak to us about how to get greater value out of customer complaints.  Explore our complaint management system and see how it can meet your needs more effectively than your current system.

We’re passionate about your success with customers

This is what our clients say about us

Testimonials about Brilliance – about our software, our service and our MD, Samantha Hillion-Burns

Brilliance loves its clients

We are honoured to serve business leaders who believe in making the world a better place. We exist for our clients’ success.

Why choose Brilliance?

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Passionate about design

We design easy-to-use, optimal solutions flexible as business needs change
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Exceptional service

Our service is energised, personalised, responsive and always reliable
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Excellent value for money

We strive for excellence and consistently look after your best interests
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Ethics and higher purpose

We believe in high ethical standards and positive impact purpose
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Substantial expertise

Over 25 years of customer psychology and communications in financial services
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Unique blend of skills

Combining CX, culture, conduct, quality, business analysis and systems design

Let’s work together to build a customer-centric culture, manage conduct risk and more profitably retain your customers.

I am Samantha.

Samantha Hillion-Burns

Founder and MD of Brilliance

The Customer Solutions Director

Be brilliant for your customers

I am at my happiest when I am helping a client succeed.


Often this includes resolving a problem of sorts.

Sometimes the resolution is simple: We tailor one of our management tools which immediately addresses the challenge, and some additional benefits.  On occasion, they need a custom-developed management tool, which I provide with joy given my passion for design.


Sometimes the resolution is not so simple.  Business is complex, markets are challenging, changing culture is difficult, and customers are … well, human beings with a million needs and preferences bundled up with irrational emotions affecting their behaviour.  At times like this I totally love jumping in, boots and all – heart and soul – to reach the successful outcomes my clients want.

Whatever your business challenge is, let’s have a conversation. 

You might just find that Brilliance is perfect for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.