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Contributing to your brilliance with customers

Of what benefit is knowledge without application?

While we hope you enjoy our articles, our wish most of all is that you find your unique way to translate them into value for yourself and your customers.

Authentic care for potential clients

Instead of pressurizing people for a quick sale, consider how authentic care for potential clients is a far superior approach to long-term success.

Doing good for customers

Many companies claim to be purpose-driven. While this is noble, it is important that this is evident in the way they proactively do good for their customers.

Keep complaints from spreading – HBR

The risk of reputational damage of poorly managed complaints is too high to ignore, as Harvard Business Review explains. Manage complaints more profitably.

What about customer ethics?

In a nutshell, customer ethics is about two things: (a) Being acutely conscious about what is right for one’s customers in a variety of situations and (b) Ensuring that the structures and norms are in place to support the choice and execution of that which is right.

How to hold on to your customers

Holding on to customers is an investment worth making and one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Here are four tips expressed as 3R's and a P (RRRP) that will help you hold on to your customers more effectively.

How to build customer trust (Part 4)

Discover the five disciplines applicable across three key business activities that are essential to master you if want to build customer trust.

How to build customer trust (Part 3)

Customer trust increases when customers perceive that a company has their best interests at heart. It is more profitable for a company to proactively do what is best for the customer, even when customers don't realise it.

How to build customer trust (Part 2)

Discover ways to proactively build customer trust by practically monitoring honesty, integrity and fairness.

How to build customer trust (Part 1)

The cost of poor customer trust is too high. Take this first fundamental step towards proactively building customer trust.

Is customer feedback valuable to you?

Everyone says customer feedback is valuable but not everyone takes action to extract the value from the feedback they already have through customer complaints.


Answers to support your business

This is the essence of business: to provide that which customers value in a way that they love in order to grow profit legally and responsibly.

Like many other business leaders who endeavour to do this, you too may be dealing with various challenges.  

For you it might be about positively retaining customers or optimising customer complaints.  Or perhaps, it’s about transforming  company culture to be customer-centric, or embedding TCF principles into organisational conduct.   Maybe its about driving superior quality and compliant behaviour.

Whatever your challenge is, tell us.

We’ll help you – even if it means referring you to a certain resource or another person or just unpacking the issue with you.

We want to hear.  We want to help.

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